Should I buy cheaper hair from AliExpress?

When looking for human hair extensions, the majority of us have the tendency to settle down for cheaper AliExpress hair brands. We often forget to ask ourselves why those human hair extensions are relatively cheaper. To save some pennies, we throw our earned money on poor human hair extensions that leave us disappointed within days, weeks or months. Why not spend a little more on human hair extensions that can serve you for a year or two? Remember, quality and value come at a price, and this holds true for human hair extensions as well.

We tested and reviewed almost all types of human hair extensions to single out the bad AliExpress hair brands from the good ones, and to help you make a judicious decision. In this review, we’re going to discuss the worst hair, which, according to our extensive research, is hair bought via Chinese e-commerce site AliExpress. You’ll stumble upon hundreds of AliExpress hair vendors when searching for the hair. Now, here is what we did: we tested and critically examined most vendors on AliExpress. We ordered their hair, used them and critically analyzed their performance.

Most failed horribly! But there’re a few companies listed below that we’re happy with!

Top 10 Best AliExpress Hair Vendors 2020

  1. ISEE Official Store
  2. Queen Mary Hair Factory Store
  3. ali coco Official Store,
  4. dejavu Official Store,
  5. BEAU DIVA Hair,
  6. HALOQUEEN Official Store(2019 Joined),
  7. Lemoda Official Store,
  8. Mi Lisa Hair Store
  9. Beautiful Princess Hair Store,
  10. sapphire High-End Hair Store,
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