Whether you need short or long hair, blonde or black color, thick or thin, the human hair extensions and wigs can satisfy your desire.

More and more people prefer to wigs since it wears easier and can save your time, energy compared to sew in human hair extensions.

Top 5 Best Aliexpress Hair Reviews 2020

#1 Dejavu Body Wave Bundles Remy Hair 3 Bundle Deal Peruvian Hair 30 40 Inch Bundles High Ratio Natural Color Hair Bundles

AliExpress.com Product – Dejavu Body Wave Bundles Remy Hair 3 Bundle Deal Peruvian Hair 30 40 Inch Bundles High Ratio Natural Color Hair Bundles

The Remy human hair is known to be strong, healthy and bulky. It is also less likely to tangle. I like the fact that it offers you the natural look and feel. Its softness and lightness are remarkably amazing. You can find it in whichever length you desire. It could be between 8-40 inches.

You can dye or perm the human hair weave to whichever color. The Dejavu hair who are the professional vendors of these products is known to produce high-quality products.  Unlike other companies that make their weaves from fallen hair materials, they make the weave from growing hair.

Even if you dyed the weave to a different colour it will still remain healthy and never tangle. It can last for longer than 6 months depending on your ability to take care of it. Unlike other hair extensions and weaves that shed off slowly, this company assures you that it will never shed off.

As long as you use proper shampoo and conditioner then oil it with olive oil or argan oil it will serve you for long. Lastly, consider using wide tooth comb to maintain your new weave.

#2 Short Lace Front Human Hair Wig

AliExpress.com Product – Brazilian Wig Straight Short Bob Lace Front Wigs 13×4 Lace Front Human Hair Wigs Pre-plucked With Baby Hair Jazz Star Non-Remy

This beautiful wig is made from young girls’ hair donors. If you are looking for a healthy, good quality and great textured hair this is it. Most people love it because it appears full and thick.

If you love creating natural baby hair then this will give you exactly what you desire. Its length can go between 8-16 inches. If you are looking to change the hair appearance, it’s okay to dye it and style it differently but don’t do it often as that will dry the wig and thereby lead to its spoilage.

To prevent the frequent shedding when combed, detangle it with your hands before you wash it. All this gets better when you realize that the wig has bleached knots with pre-plucked knots which makes it look natural while hiding your scalp.

Jazz Star hair vendor is great manufacturer of hair extension, weaves and wigs. You can trust that buying products from them is a sure deal.

#3 Lace Frontal Closure With Bundles

AliExpress.com Product – YYong 13×6 Lace Frontal With Bundles Peruvian Straight Bundles With Frontal Remy Human Hair Ear To Ear Lace Frontal With Bundles

This human hair has one directional cuticle with a length of between 12-24 inches. It is made from young donor’s natural hair. It appears bouncy and shiny in texture with soft and full endings. You can style or dye it then make it flat iron again for your new look.

You can bleach it if you so wish too. With proper care, you can use it for more than 6-8 months then restyle it again. Since the hair is made by double weaving there is reduced tendency to shed off. For proper maintenance, you should wash the hair at least once a week, oil it and gently comb it this will reduce the tangling.

Coconut crème oil is good for this kind of hair. If you decide to make the weave straight you should know that it will lose its wavy texture in time. However, to maintain its original nature, you can use curling rollers.

For your hair choices always go for YYong hair vendors. They are known to promptly communicate with you while giving you quality products.

#4 Remy Ombre Hair 100% Human Weave Bundles

AliExpress.com Product – Ali Coco Brazilian Straight Hair 1/3/4 Bundles “8-30” inch #2/#4/1b/27/ #27/1b/99j Non Remy Ombre Hair 100% Human Weave Bundles

This high-quality hair is not only soft, tangle and shedding free. It has a length of between 10-26 inches. you can perm it, dye it and wash it to make sure it lasts longer. When properly taken care of it can take about a year or more.
As you can see its texture is silky while giving you the feeling that you have the normal hair. Taking care of this hair by washing and conditioning it will make it avoid tangling. Although it is double weft, you should seal it to ensure it doesn’t shed off.

If you have a problem with strong smell and perfumes as well as chemicals, this will be your best hair because it only has shampoo smell. If you will treat this hair as your own since it is no longer on the donor’s hair it will take longer.

Ali Coco vendor is your first choice for the long-lasting hair. They handle the hair products professionally and can be returned within 30 days guaranteed.

5. Kinky Curly Human Hair Bundles

AliExpress.com Product – Mongolian Kinky Curly Human Hair Bundles With Closure ISEE HAIR Extensions 3Bundles With Closure Remy Curly Bundles With Frontal

This is a healthy kind of hair with healthy ends and no splits especially if you love the kinky texture. This ISEE hair vendor products have 12 -28 inches. You don’t need to frequently comb your hair rather you should use your fingers to remove the tangles as you keep the hair clean. Begin from the roots as you move to the ends.

It also is double weft which reduces the tendency to shed off. It is a 100% human hair without any trace of animal fur or synthetics. If you desire to have a full look you may buy 3 pieces of 10-18 inches or 12-26 inches.

Since the hair is tightly woven, it will last long as long as you take care of it by washing and conditioning it. This is an assurance given to you by the ISEE hair vendors.


If you were keen you must have noticed that the hair choices we have are all from the best vendors. It is important to pick a product that already has positive reviews or it has many orders. This is an assurance the product must be of high quality and that is why they love it.

In this case, I would choose the luxurious short weave because it is easy to use and has positive feedback. In addition, the vendors have been in business long enough to know which products the best.

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